You again

The minute I heard the sound of your voice,

My hand immediately began to stroke a pen

Emotions ran quickly, feelings of the way I felt back then

That mystical feeling of a beaming light shining down on me

The feeling of my spirit suspended in the air

I was connecting with my soul mate

My mind start racing and I was like.

“You Again”

By some means, mixed with all the good feelings

The bad feelings immediately followed

Awww man

How I invited so many into my head to share my feelings
How they shared their thoughts.

It brought on a feeling of bewilderment

Mind boggling questions
What did you mean by this?
Or did you mean that?

“You Again”

This feeling I had
So many involved
I was so relieved when it was over
Then, I knew what it



Whether or not the feeling is good

I no longer entertain good, only

It needs to be good and right.

Phyllis Hyman eloquently wrote a song: “Oh friend it’s so nice to see and hear you again.”

And now I merely say, Oh friend you don’t have permission to hurt me again.

You again


It’s me again


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21.09 | 22:00

At the Adinkra Dance Studio enjoying the poems and displaying my art pieces.

21.04 | 12:34

Just taking a peek into an arena that sounds interesting to me

17.01 | 15:39

Ra face! Tee- hee hee!

17.01 | 15:38

looks like fun! Im looking forward to coming in the Spring!